Selected formal technical publications related to the LDT systems or to helping you understand the background for some of the systems.

A good example would SPIE papers. The links are to full PDF copies.

LDT/DCT specific
  1. Bida, T. A., et al. 2004, Proc. SPIE, 5489, 196, Site testing for the Discovery Channel Telescope
  2. Levine, S. E. et al. 2012, Proc. SPIE, 8444, 844419, Status and performance of the Discovery Channel Telescope during commissioning
  3. Levine, S. E., DeGroff, W. T. 2016, Proc. SPIE, 9906, 990672Status and imaging performance of Lowell Observatory’s Discovery Channel Telescope in its first year of full science operations
  4. Levine, S., DeGroff, W., Bida, T., Dunham, E., Jacoby, G. 2018, Proc. SPIE, 10700, 107004P, Status and performance of Lowell Observatory's Discovery Channel telescope and its growing suite of instruments
  5. Levine, S. E., Ellsworth-Bowers, T., Bida, T. A., Hamilton, R., Kuehn, K. 2022, Proc. SPIE, 12182, 1218227L, Status of the Lowell Discovery Telescope (LDT) and assessment of the image quality at the focal plane
  6. Mace, G. et al. 2018, Proc. SPIE, 10702, 107020Q, IGRINS at the Discovery Channel telescope and Gemini South
  7. Venetiou, A. J., Bida, T. A. 2012, Proc. SPIE, 8444, 84441E,  Discovery Channel Telescope active optics system early integration and test
More general references useful to LDT/DCT
  1. Fried, D. L. 1965, J. Opt. Soc. Am., 55, 1427, Statistics of a Geometric Representation of a Wavefront Distortion
  2. Fried, D. L. 1966, J. Opt. Soc. Am., 56, 1372, Optical resolution through a randomly inhomogeneous medium for very long and very short exposures
  3. Lakshminarayanan, V., Fleck, A. 2011, JMOp, 58, 545, Zernike polynomials: a guide
  4. Noll, R. 1976, JOSA, 66, 207, Zernike polynomials and atmospheric turbulence
  5. Schwesinger, G., 1991, JMOp, 38, 1507, Lateral support of very large telescope mirrors by edge forces only
  6. Wallace, P. T. 2002, Proc. of SPIE, 4848, 125, A rigorous algorithm for telescope pointing
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