To keep track of observer experience with the facility, we request that you let us know how your observing time went.

There is a night report form (called Nightly Report) on the user interface computers ( dct-obs1  / dct-obs2 ).  Click on the icon on the Desktop on the right side of the primary screen, among where you find the LOUI start icons (see Figure 1 below).  The night report form (shown in Figure 2) can be updated throughout the night, or filled out at the end.  If you had particular or significant difficulties during your observing, you may email the appropriate LDT staff member in addition to completing this form.

Figure 1: The desktop of dct-obs1  (on 27-Oct-2020), showing the LOUI icons, Nightly Report, LMI User Manual, and printable observing logs, among other things.

Figure 2: The night report window.

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