End of Night Responsibilities:

  • Be sure to shut down the observing software as specified in the instrument manual, leaving running items like lois and anything else called out in the manuals.  Clean up the observing computer desktop ( dct-obs1  / dct-obs2  ) to how you found it.
  • DO NOT exit lois at the end of the night.  This action would disable monitoring of instrument temperatures.
  • Fill out the LDT Feedback form (on the observing computer desktop).  This form provides information to the staff about the quality of the night and any issues that need to be followed up upon.
  • Take your data with you.  You may transfer over the internet or via portable external hard drive (carrier pigeons not supported at this time).  The observer is responsible for getting their data from the LDT to their home institution and maintaining proper backup copies for their use.  Please note: Due to the remote location of LDT, bandwidth over the microwave link to Flagstaff is limited.  Only transfer files over the internet during your assigned observing time or between local sunrise and 11a MST.  Do not transfer data during another observer's time, as this causes undue lag for the VNC connections.


  • When you publish results from your data taken at LDT, include the relevant LDT (formerly DCT) Acknowledgment Text.  There are appropriate acknowledgments for both the facility and individual instruments.  For manuscripts submitted to one of the AAS journals, please include the Facility Keyword: LDT.
  • In the extreme case of catastrophic or accidental data loss, we may be able to retrieve your data from our backup.  We do not, however, operate an archive of searchable data for general use.
  • Please let us know when you publish any results using data taken at the LDT.  We keep an auto-generated list of publications as indexed by ADS. If you don't see yours show up it probably means that we need to adjust our default search keys. The list of publications can be found at LDT Scientific and Technical Publications.
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