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placeholderSearch LDT Observer Information


  • Important Notes for LDT Users and Visitors – Please read. All visitors are expected to be aware of these requirements.
  • Instrument Manual(s) – These give the latest instrument news and details of using the instruments.
  • Calendars:
    • LDT Science Observing Schedule – The only official listing of science programs and Telescope Operators.  Lists observing programs, moon fraction, requested instrument setup, etc.  Make sure that the filters and/or gratings you want to use are what are listed here.  If not, get in touch with LDT staff at least a week before your observing night.
    • LDT Monthly Observer/Operator Calendar – Google Calendar repeater of the LDT Science Observing Schedule.
    • Sun/Moon Rise/Set Calendars: 20192020, 2021, 2022 , 2023 – From L. Wasserman to guide observing preparation.
  • First-Time User Support – If you are a first time observer to LDT, or you are using a new instrument, contact LDT staff.
  • Lodging Reservations – Make a reservation if you plan to use Lowell housing for in-person observing runs. Space is limited.
  • Remote Observing – Review the connection information for remote observations
  • Contact your first night TO(s) – Email your operator(s) (ldtoperator at lowell dot edu) 3-4 days before your observing night.  Include:
    1. Who will be observing
    2. When and how they plan to arrive (physically or virtually);
    3. Confirmation of (or updates to) the instrument setup requirements (this includes order-blocking filters for DeVeny);
    4. Whether you need time for twilight calibrations;
    5. What other observing plans the TO needs to be aware of;
    6. Any unusual observing setup needs.
  • Target Lists / Pattern Data / Ephemerides – Prepare your target lists, pattern data files, and ephemerides before your observing night.